Our philosophy

Manduša Heritage Apartments are tribute to classical style fully adapted to the demands of modern living. Each of these exceptional apartments carries itself a special charm and love of details. Our aim was to create a place for the gourmets of the luxury of living who appreciate timeless classics. What we are especially proud to present are signed photos of the most famous Croatian photographer, Marija Braut.


Taking into consideration that where one stays makes a profound impact on one’s impressions while travelling, we wanted to inspire your greatest memories. The Manduša Heritage Apartments, as well as Zagreb, is a perfect place for those who are seeking for something interesting, but never the same.

Apartments are located on the 2nd floor in historical building originally constructed in 1873 for the King’s chancellor. We are dedicated to the traditions and habits that we love and therefore we decided to keep up with the royal treatment for its guests.

Comfort and elegance are not a luxury – it is a lifestyle. This is what we stand for. Thus, if you are sophisticated, slightly spoiled but yet extremely charming culture lover dedicated to beauty, heritage, art, and hedonism, Manduša is a place to be.

When we travel, we want to be treated even better than home. Check it – we guarantee it can happen!